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Rebbe Rebbe

To all the talmidim he always told us, "You have to know how to read". It's really understanding what the author is trying to say. Whats the message he is trying to get across.

From my Rebbi I've learned to appreciate things more. To show more love to my fellow Jews. Rebbi was amazing at that. I remember around 2-4 weeks before we had to close the yeshiva due to the virus I asked him to pray for a friends wife. At the time I had no idea what she had but I was asked that we pray for her. So I asked Rebbi to also pray for her and like always he did. I wrote the name down put it in his Tefilin bag where he had many names he prayed for. A week later I found out what the wife had a serious illness and it wasn't good. I walked in the yeshiva that day asking Rebbi again to please pray for the wife as things were not looking very good. He dedicated the class for her refuah and on the way out he called me over to walk him to the car. Af- ter heating the story, the tears and pain Rebbi felt for the family, for the person going through the sickness, was very real and you knew he felt the pain. This was one of Rebbi’s many attributes. It didn't matter if he knew you or not and it didn't matter if the person was Jewish or not. "They're people too" he used to tell me.

The last conversations that I had with him in the yeshiva was a couple of weeks before Purim. Our family, Baruch HaShem, is growing and I was trying to find a second source of parnassah. Besides for the Kollel, and teaching at

Rebbe Rebbe


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