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Rebbe Rebbe

our faces. You could fake a smile and he'd know it. He would call you over and make sure everything was okay and give you the time that you needed.

Rebbi was was not judgmental? I remember asking him for a couple of things that may have seemed off in some peo- ple's minds, but Rebbi didn’t treat me any differently after I asked the question. He just made sure I understood the po- tential consequences of saying certain things or doing cer- tain things and there was no judgment from him, which made it so much easier to keep coming back to him and ask- ing more.

I remember almost everyday he told myself as well as others around that what we have is just the beginning. We're going to build and make this Yeshiva a place where people want to be. It was never of a question of IF but WHEN would it hap- pen. He loved us all so dearly. Literally like we were his own kids. I had a few rough goings in my life and I came to him to speak about it and I knew he felt may pain as he began to cry. He was able to feel what we were going through while speaking with us. The love he had for his Talmidim was un- believable.

The love he had for Torah was surreal. We gifted him with a laptop to type his shiurim and it was set up in a way that I can access the files so I can help him with editing layouts and whatever else was needed. Many of the shiurim were being typed at 3am. There is an option that lets you see when the file was created and they had it at a rage of

Rebbe Rebbe


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