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Rav Ahron Walkin’s whole life was devoted to the Klal and the Shechinah rested on him. He walked in the ways of Ahron HaKohen loving peace and pursuing peace, loving Jews and bringing them closer to Torah.

Beis Ahron #3 – Building the Beis Hamikdash
The Torah teaches us that Yocheved and Miriam were moser nefesh to save Klal Yisrael. In this

zechut they merited to build batim, the House of Levi and the House of Ahron.

A bayis, is a structure which has permanence in Klal Yisrael. Rav Walkins grandfather built the first Beis Ahron, by au- thoring an iyun sefer while in jail. The young Rav Ahron Walkin built a “second home”; all of his endeavors were a Beis Ahron in the Bukharian Community. The work of his hands will bear fruit for all generations.

When I heard that he had been taken I was devastated. He was only 54 and was so needed to Klal Yisrael. “HaTzur Tamaim Poelo” All of Hashem’s ways are perfect; How could this happen!

It is clear to me that Rav Ahron was a korban to protect Klal Yisrael from the magefa. I have no doubt that my yedid Rav Ahron Walkin zt”l is standing in Shemayim in front of the Kiseh Hakavod and pleading for the health and for the Geula of Klal Yisrael and that the third house, the Beis Hamikdash, should be rebuilt. May his tefilos be answered and may we see this day quickly.

Rebbe Rebbe


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