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Rebbe Rebbe

Rashi writes: just as the Talmid is deemed a son so too the Rebbi is deemed “A Father” as we find by Elisha. Elisha called out to Eliyhau as he parted from this world Avi Avi – my father my father.

The meforshim ask why is there an additional limud that the Rebbi is a father? It is self-evident and understood if the Talmid is the son then the Rebbi is the father.

Maran Rav Shach in מחשבת מוסר answers, it is to teach that both sides are needed to create the Rebbi Talmid bond. The Rebbi must feel and treat his Talmid as his son but at the same time, the Talmid must treat and feel that the Rebbi is his father. Only then can the Rebbi Talmid bond be created - the bond that truly teaches Torah from Rebbi to Talmid.

Rebbi I believe I speak for me and all the Talmidim when I say yes Rebbi you mastered what it meant to be a Rebbi... I heard from Rav Belsky that a Menahel once came to RShraga Feivel Mendelowitz the great famed mechanech regarding a certain boy in his

Rebbe Rebbe


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