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Rebbe Rebbe

On the previously mentioned halacha that if the Talmid kills by accident we send him to גלות with his Rebbi meforshim ponder what did the Rebbi do wrong that he needs to uproot and leave his home and neighborhood to move to “sin city” with his Talmid. What did he do wrong to deserve such a “punishment”?

Many answers it is the sins of the Talmid reflect on some חסרון of the Rebbi. And even though he killed בשוגג and not במזיד, nevertheless, .מגלגלים חוב על ידי חייב

Actually, I believe after all the above mentioned, the Rebbi actually didn’t do anything wrong to deserve גלות, but since the Talmid needs him there it is his אחריות“his responsibility as a Rebbi to go there just as would a father go for a son.

I told this pshat of mine about מגלים רב עם תלמידו to Rav Belsky and he very much enjoyed it... Rebbi understood the אחריות of the “respond ושיננתם לבנך sibility” of teaching Torah to Talmidim and to every and as a ידישא קינד staunch soldier executed this אחריות selflessly day and night through health

Rebbe Rebbe


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