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Rebbe Rebbe

ME: Who are Rebbi’s teachers? Who gave Rebbi his method of teaching which he im- plements in the Yeshi- va?

R.A.W: I was always
devoted to my Rebbiim
and I used to study
them and their every
word like it was a trea-
sure. There was the
Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac Leibis, who was the head of the

Rabbinical Council (Igud Harabonim). He was a friend of the family with my grandfa- ther; I gained my Semicha from him. He had a tremendous mind, was a tremendous gadol in learning. He was wise in Torah and also very wise in the worldly. He was extremely per- ceptive and was my role model in Halacha.

I was also extremely close to Hagaon Rabbi Pinchas Schein- berg. I studied him in is life and his Hanhaga (mode of liv-

Rebbe Rebbe


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