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Rebbe Rebbe

In the year 1993 at the young age of 12 years, I arrived with my family to America. We settled with the community of Beth Aron in Queens, headed by Rav Moshe Yoel Walkin and Rebitzin Ester Walkin who at the time lived with Reb- itzin Tzivia, Rav Moshe’s mother.

The Walkin family introduced me to their children who I felt were the most wonderful and warmest children I had ever met, one of them being Rav Ahron Walkin.

A year later Rabbi Haimoff opened a school on Main Street for the Bukharian Jewish kids, and one of my Rebbeim was Rav Ahron and his brother Rav Avraham Walkin.

Rav Ahron Walkin was the smartest and wisest Rebbi I knew. When people used to come to him he used to listen to them with all his heart and tried to help anyone who came to him for help.

He also was a בעל תוקע and חזן during the Yamim Nora’im for many years in his father’s shul.

Rav Ahron was the most amazing and
warm hearted person I have ever met.
He gave me the life that I have today
through teaching me Torah and without him I wouldn’t know how to learn Torah today. He would always empha-

Rebbe Rebbe


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