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Rebbe Rebbe

guided me into my adult
life. The lesson was sim-
ple and clear. It’s ok to
say I’m sorry even to
someone who is much
younger than you as it
has the ability to build a
relationship. As a father,
it has given me strength
to apologize to my kids
and become their friend as well as their father. As a spouse, it has helped me to apologize to my partner in life whether I’m right or not as it has built our relationship to a higher level. Thank you my Rebbi.

This was a very serious day. All of us in Shul were worried. Everyone was fasting. We were all praying. It was 2pm. The day was Yom Kippur. My Rebbi was sitting across me pray- ing with fervor while I was trying to learn from his ways and do the same. I was trying my best to be like my Rebbi. I was trying to really feel deep regret for all my misdeeds that I had committed the previous year. As I was trying harder and harder I started to feel down and depressed. Right there and then I decided to glance at my Rebbi yet again to see what he was doing. Unbeknown to me, all this time my Rebbi was staring at me and as soon as I looked at him he made a very funny looking face at me as a loving father makes a funny face to his small baby to make him laugh.

Rebbe Rebbe


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