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Rebbe Rebbe

community many of
which have become his
students), his clarity in
learning, his cheerful-
ness that’s so easily
lights up the room.
Rebbitzin Ester Walkin,
Rebbi's mother, is a
mother to everyone
single one of us. She
has such pride and
nachas at each of our
accomplishments. And
Rebbitzin Tzivia, Reb-
bi's grandmother, who
was zoche to live in
the house of the
Chofetz Chaim, who
was revered by the
whole family and re-
spected by many
Gedolim for her pure middot.
And then there was Rebbi. He was a prodigy from youth, known for his sharpness in learning (I remember seeing a sefer he authored at 16 on masechet Kidushin), his dili- gence, but most of all his tremendous love for people. I try to think back, I can't remember him without a smile on his face. It was like looking at a smiley face - so bright, so sin- cere.

Rebbe Rebbe


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