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Rebbe Rebbe

Rabbi Ahron Walkin was a great example of how a Jew should be. His tremendous mesirut Nefesh showed what it meant to care for the Jewish nation. One such example would be how he commuted everyday from Lakewood to Queens to teach the community. He was able to teach any topic.

The way he would conduct himself was with tremendous derech ertetz and ahavat yisrael. He had such love for every Jew. His sweet warm personality would light you up and make you feel great. For me personally, he would make himself available to talk to me on anything I needed help with. There’s not enough words to describe what a loving and caring Rebbi he was for me personally. He would put himself in my shoes to help me with whatever situation I was in that needed guidance.

Every time I spoke to him about what was on my mind, he would always tell be “Be Happy”. The message I got from this is that no matter what, a person has to be happy and have a positive attitude in life.

I never in my life felt such love and warmth from any Rebbi like I felt from Rav Ahron Walkin. His passing is the biggest loss I ever felt in my entire life. Nobody could replace the amazing person he was to me personally.

Rebbe Rebbe


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