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Rebbe Rebbe

Rabbi Walkin ZT’’L had a tremendous influence on me.
The major influence he’s had on me was the fact that he was always adamant about thinking and acting “normal and healthy”; that life is good and HaShem is The All-Merciful and His Torah is Amazing.

He was also always adamant about us always being peace- ״ואהבת לרעך ful and loving other Jews to fulfill the mitzvah

-Rebbi himself was indescribably welcoming and lov .כמוך״ ing. People would walk into his shiur for the first time and he would welcome them with such great warmth that they would love coming back.

His patience was unparalleled.
A little over a year ago, Rebbi set up a group learning with an Avrech in the kollel. The purpose was that we have someone to learn with the after Rebbi’s Shiur.
After some time, due to work, some of the other guys stopped coming as often, allowing me to learn B’chavruta with the Avrech. Baruch HaShem I’ve learnt a lot by learn- ing with the Avrech and he became a mentor to me.

The incident which stays in my mind the most about Rebbi is that once, for certain valid reasons, the people that spon- sored lunch for the yeshiva stoped providing lunch, causing the Avrechim and Bochurim to get their own lunch. Some of the people were not that happy with the decision and were complaining to Rabbi Walkin. I remember Rabbi Walkin said that this situation should be dealt with diplo- macy and there shouldn’t be negativity and ruckus. Through peace and shalom everything will be solved.

About a week or two later, lunch was resumed being served in the Yeshiva. I was amazed by that. Rebbi’s peace solved the whole situation in such a short period of time. I will never forget that.

Rebbe Rebbe


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