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Letter of blessing from R’ Aharon Volkin ztz”l among the leading halachic decisions between the two World Wars. Send to a close friend, Rabbi Shlomo shlit”a, on the occasion of his son’s bar mitzvah. Pinsk-Karlin, 1933.

In the letter R’ Aharon stresses his excitement upon hearing the happy news: “I hereby express my feelings of joy regarding the happy news of your son’s achieving the status of adulthood.” Later on, R’ Aharon expresses his enthusiasm about the picture of the bar mitzvah boy: “Including a great picture of the bar mitzvah boy performing Divine service for the first time in his life.”The gaon R’ Aharon concludes the letter with warm blessings: “May you merit to raise him, educate him, and marry him off, and may Hashem his G-d be with him in all his endeavors…”


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