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Rebbe Rebbe

The Rav's Torah and middot were legendary. His teachings were absolutely lucid and wrapped in sincere emotion and delivered lovingly. No heart could remain stone. The Rav's Torah was both a steady, patient drip, and a powerful spring of raw power. The Rav's heart and mind were unique.

The Rav was also a master of gladdening the heart. He would do this conspicuously and inconspicuously. Rain or shine, cloud or fog, the Rav was always a beaming sun. Of- ten, it was very easy to take our sunlight for granted. Now, when the luminary was taken back to heaven, where can we turn? The angels have come back for their own.

The Rav made sure that even without him, there would be a sky full of stars to give over light, for he happily prepared his talmidim. More than the students wanted to drink, the Rav yearned to give over his Torah. They drank thirstily and prepare their own students. The Rav will daven for us in shamayim, his students will endeavor to continue his work.

Thank you HaRav Walkin and family, for the opportunity to taste true gadlut in every sense of the word.

Rebbe Rebbe


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