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Rebbe Rebbe

would come in after so much driving and teach the whole morning. There were so many times he told me personally that he was so tired and that he didn’t even sleep 4 hours the night before. I saw how the determination a person can make him accomplish so much in one day. The amount of work Rebbi did was above nature.

Learning with him and sitting in his shiur was so unique. He spoke so openly about the topic and sources we were learn- ing. He made the setting in a way where we can all join in and have a real discussion about what we were learning. He always said it as it is and always had the most profound way at looking at everything. He had the amazing skill of taking complicated topics and boiling it down to a simple idea the size of a pill. His power of explanation was phe- nomenal. He always knew how to say it in the way that per- son needs to hear it.

He challenged you but complimented you. He was a very real teacher. Rebbi was such a real person. I never met a person who would cry when speaking about the bet hamik- dash or about someone else’s tragedy.

It was so beautiful to see someone just share his inner feel- ings with you like that. It brought out the same good feel- ings in me. He would give His classic Chumash shiur and touch on such real life topics. He would get emotional just speaking about Hashem and Chazal. He would figuratively put his heart on a platter and share it with you and you couldn’t help but feel your heart connecting to his.

Rebbe Rebbe


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