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Rebbe Rebbe

we got married. I told them, “We were married in America” I showed them a picture of Rav Ahron Walkin reading our ketubah. I brought it to the Av Beit Din and said this is Rab- bi Ahron Walkin reading the ketubah. “Rabbi Ahron Walkin????” They were shocked and told us we are ap- proved for a marriage certificate.

When I related this story to Rebbi many years later, he said, “oh yes I know them, they call me with questions some- times.” Wow, I thought we really do not understand Rebbi’s greatness. His knowledge of halacha was exceptional that even an Av Beit Din from Israel calls him with questions.

During my long journey and growth in Torah, I learned many new laws and customs. I absorbed everything I learned with a great desire to grow. Sometimes I would call Rebbi to ask if I should take on a new hanhaga I learned. His first answer was always, “Baruch, be normal.” This is what I remember throughout my growth period.

As I get older and wise I see being normal is the key to stay- ing humble in a world where many laws, rituals, and cus- toms are not observed. Rabbi Wolbe calls it “frumkite”, where people take on so many stringencies, they start to loose sight of the important part of ben adam lechavero.

One thing I really learned from Rebbi is that people need to be given kavod. There were many situations that required exceptional aproach, and I always consulted Rabbi Ahron before I would make a decision concerning kavod.

Rebbe Rebbe


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