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Rebbe Rebbe

The second I heard the untimely news of Rebbi’s passing one saying linked to the passing of many other Gedolim

popped up in my head. ״נפלה עטרת ראשינו״ “The crown jewel has fallen off of our heads.”

Myself, like many of his students feel a certain sense of con- fusion of where we’ll turn to next as Rebbi was simply unique and irreplaceable.

The style of teaching, the warmth, the love, the care and the knowledge was unparalleled.
For me, Rebbi was the epitome of a Gadol Hador and his humility was a real treat for us to see.

As a personal experience I was always mind blown when I woke up to a Phone call from Rebbi reminding me that I was a few minutes late for Shacharit and that he wanted to see me. I know that countless amounts of people reached out to Rebbi daily about all their trials and tribulations which affected him deeply, yet he still thought about me and why I was late to Shul.

Rebbi taught us so much. Namely how to develop real love for another Jew. In hindsight every moment I spent with Rebbi I cherish as gold. The world has big shoes to fill. I hope and pray that Rebbi continues to watch over us from Shamayim and we have the Siyata Dishmaya to carry on.

I greatly look forward for Moshiach’s arrival so I can learn with my Rebbi once more. May he arrive speedily in our

Rebbe Rebbe


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