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Rebbe Rebbe

The humility of Rebbi was beyond my imagination.
Many times he would ask the avrechim as to how he can make the yeshiva more better and the environment more conducive. He didn’t need our advice, but his humility made him learn from everyone.

Once he asked me to look into a certain peculiar Halachic question which many seforim didn’t talk about. After learn- ing that a certain talmid (that used to learn under Rebbi a few years back) had written a Teshuva on it, he immediately dialed his number and as if Rebbi is now the talmid asked him all the details of the question. This was done in front of all his talmidim.

Rebbi was very candid with his talmidim. He didn’t hold back anything for he really wanted to teach.

A new talmid that was working part time joined the yeshiva and was quickly hooked. He would not miss reebbi’s shiur , and if he would miss it he would ask for the recording. He once remarked that just hearing Rebbi on audio showed how he was a gifted orator. Every word was chosen careful- ly and every concept explained. Even if the shiur was only given to 3 talmidim.

When Rebbi was very tired from lack of sleep, he would ask me how was his delivery. I wouldn’t notice a slighted differ- ence. To him it was a work of art and had to be perfect.

Rebbe Rebbe


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