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Rebbe Rebbe

and even through sickness... I believe the “Master” Rebbi needs to be charged with a great sense of אחריות to the lofty and privileged task he was given. Accompanied with a leap and pure heart the drives the Rebbi to do chesed with all his talmidim and all the people that turn to him for Torah and guidance.

My alter zeidi “The Bais Ahron” was a Talmid muvhak- koshur Blev Vonefesh to his great Rebbi the Heilige Netziv. When the son of the Bais Ahron once met Rav Boruch Ber Leibowitz- the Birkas Shmuel ZTL, R' Boruch Ber related to him how his father the Bais Ahron seforim were all so matzliach, accepted and learned by all “is Bezchus that your father was so connected to his Rebbi the Netziv-his hand never left his Rebbi hand when the Bais Ahron son relayed to him what R’ Boruch Ber said the Bais Ahron responded ‘true I was completely attached to my Rebbi.’”

Rebbi till today my eyes still tear up when memories of you come to my mind your shiurim and the talks we had. I think of you every single day without missing a day When speaking of Rebbi there is a lot that we can elaborate on We can talk about his genius

Rebbe Rebbe


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