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Rebbe Rebbe

The boys were so in love with him because he was so spiri- tually connected to them. When he spoke to the 7th and 8th graders he spoke to them for a long time but they listened to him because he spoke from the heart and they felt it.

Rebbi’s love and sense of responsibility knew no bounds. There was a Rebbi in the Yeshiva where I work, and I had to ask him to leave. The Rebbi was asked to leave for very le- gitimate reasons which would not be tolerated in any yeshi- va. I called my Rebbi, Rabbi Walkin for advice before we let him go. When he heard the story and reasons for my deci- sion, I was sure he would agree with my decision. This teacher was being let go for doing unbelievable actions. However Rebbi advised me to take the question to someone else. He said “when it comes to someone else’s parnasa, family, children, and ruining another Yid, I cannot take the achrayut”.

This was where we saw the quality of Ahron haCohen who was Ohev Shalom and Rodef Shalom. He would stay away from politics and he was always careful with the way he spoke about people and not, Chas veshalom, hurt them.

Rebbe Rebbe


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