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Rebbe Rebbe

and told us that Rabbi Walkin will guide us in our learning and in hashkafa for life.

I was privileged to learn with Rabbi Walkin in Kollel for over 10 years. His style of learning Gemara was very new and unfamiliar to us. He taught
us the Brisker style of learning,

which is looking deep into what the Gemara was talking about, how different meforshim think, what they ask. Then he used to answer what questions they had. His answers were always unique, chidushim, like the Rishonim used to answer.

Rabbi Walkin was always trying to teach us to think, not just to accept things, but to analyze them for ourselves. Each day during the week he would give us a shiur for 2-3 hours on a Gemara and on Sunday he taught us Humash. He also stayed with us after the shiur and would watch how we did hazarot and help us with any questions that we had on the shiur. He would encourage us to take notes on the learning to understand it better.

I was greatly influenced by Rabbi Walkin’s personal example with how he learned, how he prepared the shiurim, how he lived. He was very open and straightforward with us and would tell us everything. His style of teaching Musar was

Rebbe Rebbe


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