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Rebbe Rebbe

not learning from specific books, but rather learning from stories of Rebbeim.

He always talked about stories from the lives of different Rebbeim. Rabbi Walkin also taught us by personal example.

He would invite us to his house during the week so that we would see and learn from how he behaved in his home with his wife and children.
He was never overly concerned about physical comforts and did not make a big

deal over little things getting ru- ined or messed up.

Rabbi Walkin al-
ways demonstrat-
ed how much he
cared about us: he
would make par-
ties with us in the
Kollel, invite us to his family occasions, and was in general very warm and caring with us.

He gave us his whole heart.
He was a big inspiration to me about how I want to live my life, about the importance of learning Torah, and how to be a Ben Torah.

Rebbe Rebbe


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