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Rebbe Rebbe

gained a tremendous amount and owes much gratitude to the Walkin family.

The first chapter is a piece Rebbi wrote on his Rebbi - Rav Yis- roel Belsky zt”l. Even though it was published in the past, it will give one a great appreciation as to who was Rebbi when it came to his Rebbi-Talmid relationship.

The second chapter is a series of interviews and articles penned by a talmid - Adam Suionov. The articles appeared in the Bukharian Jewish Link and introduced the general public to Rav Walkin and his family.

In no way do they represent a true biographical sketch of Rebbi and his family. That will await a further publication.

The last and final chapter are words, memories, and recol- lections of some of the many talmidim Rebbi had. Not enough editing went into many of the articles, as the flavor, flow, and style of the individual talmid was kept. Each one said it in their own unique way.

Any errors and mistakes should be attributed solely to the compiler of this booklet.

Rebbe Rebbe


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