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Rebbe Rebbe

There's much much more to say. Chazaq is Rabbi Walkin. Od Yosef Chai is Rabbi Walkin. Ohr HaTorah is Rabbi Walkin. Many of us in all of our different positions and jobs - all Rabbi Walkin.

Usually these things end by saying "he leaves a grieving wife and children". In this case he leaves a grieving community, thousands of people who were like children to him - who saw him like a father...

I want to wish the Rebbitzin much strength, no one will feel this loss like her, she treated him like crown jewel. She treated us, his talmidim, as her children. How many times I had come over to their house in Kensington, and I never, ever felt unwelcome.

Rebbitzin! I have no words to console you or the kids. I can only cry with you. Hashem should comfort you along with all of Klal Yisrael. We should be zoche to see Rebbi again, smiling and happy, with Mashiach tzidkeinu speedily in our days.

Rebbe Rebbe


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