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Rebbe Rebbe

son is self-centered. However, with the learning of Torah, performing acts of kindness and doing mitzvot, the person can transform himself to become selfless; a change of “I” at being at the center to “us” becoming the center of person’s life.

Rav Walkin was a true Torah giant and as all of us know, he self-sacrificed so much of himself for our community. Per- haps this is what made him such a selfless person and al- lowed him to genuinely love every Jew and sympathize with everyone that came to him.

We currently live in challenging times. Rav Walkin quoting his grandfather, use to state that there will be two moshi- achs – one moshiach would take Jews out of Galus and an- other one will take Galus out of a Jew. The embodiment of mitrzayim is ingratitude. Hence, redemption is the opposite of ingratitude, which is always being grateful. Among the many of Rav Walkin’s students, I’m grateful to Hashem for giving me the opportunity to learn from Rav Walkin and the opportunity to emulate his character traits.

Another expression of gratitude we as a community can ex- press is by keeping the memory of Rav Walkin ZT’L always alive in any way possible.

Rebbe Rebbe


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