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Rebbe Rebbe

Rebbi was a great influence on me and my family. He cared about every one of his talmidim as if they were his own son. He wouldn’t start the
morning shiur, until he

made phone calls to the talmidim that weren’t there yet. Reb- bi used to always teach us how important it is to be happy and posi- tive.

One of the most amaz-
ing experiences was when he made the talmidim collect for a sefer Torah in memory of the Azan family. I remember how by the breakfast, Mr. Azan came, and how Rebbi spoke to him from his heart, it showed us how much he cared for every Jew.

I remember when we had the hachnasat sefer Torah, people were amazed how the Bukharian commu-

nity collected money in memory of a family that they never met, and sent it to an Ashkenazi shul in Lakewood.
Rebbi showed us that it doesn't matter your background we are all one.

One of the last times that we were sitting with him in the Yeshiva, someone asked him, “ you have so many things go- ing on, and you don’t let anything bother you when you learn, how do you do it”? Rebbi replied “when I come to learn, my worries I leave by the door”.

Rebbi would tell us many times one of the biggest yetzer hara of today’s world is people talk about what learn and how to learn, and they don’t learn anything. He would al- ways repeat and tell us just learn!!!

People used to ask him advice on ways to live, and he would always say “ just be normal!!!” I never saw a man who was always smiling like Rebbi, and always made other people smile. There are so many lessons that we learned from Reb- bi. Rebbi will be missed dearly. 

Rebbe Rebbe


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