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parallel to putting him to death and the Torah states גלות must be וחי- to sustain his life.

We now have a profound understanding of the parallel between the Talmid and one son. For just as a son is his father's whole life so too is the Talmid the Rabbi's whole life.

When I told this pshat to Rav Belsky while pointing out that I was referring to him he smiled and responded Du Farshtaist... You understand. Rebbi’s life was his teaching Torah and his Talmidim. A Rebbi is not just one who teaches one Torah. The Rebbi must create a connection, a bond so deep and strong as the Maharal writes that the connection and bond between Rebbi and Talmid is the strongest bond in this world. By creating this bond, then and only then can Torah be transmitted from Rebbi to Talmid.

The same holds true that a Talmid without his Rebbi must feel that a part of his life is missing. This to can be included in the understanding of the Halacha that we send the Rebbi

to accompany the Talmid to גלות because וחי-the Talmid needs to live.

Rebbe Rebbe


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