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Rebbe Rebbe

Walkin from Queens New York. We quickly became close friends.

I had been studying writing before I came to yeshiva, and the young Aaron Walkin approached me if I could write an article about his grandfather. He revealed to me many fascinating things about his grandfather. Yet there is one point that still resonates in my mind until today.

During the war, he was framed and thrown into jail for anti-government activities, and most people in jail would be happy if they could keep the basics of Yiddishkeit. Not Rav Aaron. Incredibly the Rav authored Beis Ahron, an entire Torah work b’iyun on Bava Kama without a single sefer to help him, based solely on his memory of the mesechta!

The young R’ Ahron Walkin had a fiery passion to walk in the ways of his illustrious grandfather. While still a bachur in yeshiva he authored his first sefer on the Maseches Kiddushin, and his whole mindset was striving for gadlus in Torah.

Rav Ahron returned to America and for many years we lost touch. When I became a Rosh Kollel I was zocheh to have talmidim from the Bukharian community. I was privileged to have a close kesher with many of them speaking regularly for them when I am in the USA, and it was through this that the Rav Ahron and I re-established ties after years of separation.

Beis Ahron #2 – Building the Bukharian Community

It is with tears in my eyes that I pen a few words about my

Yedid Nefesh Rav Ahron Walkin zt”l. Rav Ahron walked in

Rebbe Rebbe


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