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Rebbe Rebbe

quickly went away and it was just a comfortable feeling af- terwards.

Before meeting Rebbi I made efforts to try and judge people favorably. But it was difficult. I see things the way they are and I began judging people without really thinking before coming to an assumption of who they were. Rebbi through his actions broke that bad habit.

We see someone dressed a certain way, we see someone say something and in seconds we can have an opinion and sometimes not the smartest things are said and done by people. We may quickly have a negative image of who this person may, or may not be, which is what the Rosh Yeshiva taught us, "Okay, such and such happened, but look for the good in the person. Sometimes, we don't know what hap- pened to the person before we saw what he did". He taught me to really look for the good in people, regardless of who they are.

Our Yeshiva like in any yeshiva, had people come in in the middle of the day from all walk in life. They would walk into the yeshiva, and many times cause many disruption. The Rosh Yeshiva was able to compose himself and keep or- der in the yeshiva, which was a big lesson for myself and I think for even the other avreichim, where you don't have to be quick and try to throw the person out or have him re- moved. No. You try and deal with him and if you have to ignore, you ignore. You have do what you have do, which is learning.

Rebbe Rebbe


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