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Rebbe Rebbe

Chazaq's J-Wave program, I also needed just another job opportunity.
I approached the Rosh Yeshiva about potentially working for another kiruv organization, doing something along the same lines of the work I was already doing. Rebbi under- stood where I was coming from, but at the same time he wanted me to understand that it might offend people that I'm working for already. He explained that I have to give tremendous Hakarat Hatov to Chazaq (which I definitely appreciate what they've done for me and what they do for me).

Rebbi suggested me to speak to my superiors and make sure that they wouldn't be offended with me going to another kiruv organization. Even though this is a mitzvah field, he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to hurt anyone in the process.

The last phone conversation I had with him, was a day be- fore his sudden petira. We spoke a couple of times that week and his whole focus throughout the conversations was how my family is doing, how are the other avreichim doing? He wanted to know whether financially, and physically, everyone was okay.

His compassion that he had for the avreichim, it was like no other. Even with everything going on in his personal life, it's like it didn't exist. He treated us no differently than he treated his own kids. He cared for us the same way.

Rebbi was able to pick up in an instant when something was even slightly off, regardless of what it was. He could tell by

Rebbe Rebbe


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