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Rebbe Rebbe

and in general. He made it so clear to me that he only wanted for us to grow and enjoy our time in the Kollel. His humor and electric
personality made it

much easier for our relationship to grow. All of this made it so much easier for me to connect and re- ceive even more wisdom from Reb- bi.

I always felt that I learnt the most from Rebbi by just ob- serving his greatness. I saw how he cherished everyone around him. How he treated strangers who came near him. The love and care he emitted with his Shalom Aleichem. His constant smile and happiness was contagious. I saw how this gadlut instantly raised the spirits of all around him. All of this led to people wanting to learn more and overall hav- ing a better day. I realized the power of influence a person can have on others for the good, just by being happy and honestly caring for others.

I saw his strict adherence to making sure he said thank you to anyone who helped him. His uncanny determination to do what he said he would. I remember he would repeat “we will get it done!” And “ this Yeshiva is gonna be big one day” over and over again. It was so empowering. I saw how he

Rebbe Rebbe


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