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Rebbe Rebbe

the ways of his grandfather and was complete Leshem she- mayim. He was totally given over to Klal Yisrael and especially in the Bukharian community he used every iota of his strength to guide them.

The Bukharian community is very warm and unique and my experiences have shown me that many Jews of other aidot, just do not understand where they are coming from. Grow- ing up in Communist Russia and then being thrust into the Democracy and freedom of the USA was not an easy transition for them. They needed a leader who could relate, emphasize and truly understand them.

Rav Ahron Walkin accepted this role on himself, and channeled his passion for Torah into teaching and guiding the Bukharian community. It was with great Simchas halev we renewed our Kesher. Every time I spoke to him I grew more and more in the deep deep sugya of caring about our fellow Jews.

Rav Ahron would deliver Torah shiurim with heartfelt passion and at the same time spoke to people with the gentlest tone of voice. Teaching and guiding them in Torah is certainly critical but it is not enough. Chazal teaches us that talmidim are called banim, children, and the reason is that one must view his talmidim as if they are his children.

There was not an aspect of his talmidim’s life that Rav Ahron did not get involved with, financial, Chinuch, shalom bayis, mental, emotional, and physical health. He was great in Torah and equally great at loving other Jews. He personified how a Jew is meant to act.

Rebbe Rebbe


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