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Rebbe Rebbe

Rav Ahron Walkin was an amazing neshama, and was a self- less individual who gave so much of his life to the Bukhari- an community. He was a gadol baTorah.
I don’t think people appreciated his gadlus because he was so down to earth. He was an exceptional spiritual person and a kiddush hashem to everyone who knew him. He has a very high place in shamayim. I hope his family and his chil- dren know that his life here was very productive. He changed the life of so many people. Mainly he introduced them to the beauty and wellspring of Torah.

May hashem give comfort to the Walkin family and all his talmidim on the loss of such a special neshama. Rebbi you will be greatly missed in this world, but your Torah will al- ways be with us. There are so many life lessons you taught me.

Those nights I use to call you at 2 am you always listened without any complaints. You were always there for me. Baruch Dayan Haemet. We don’t understand the ways of Hashem, but all we could do is keep Rabbi Ahron’s Torah alive by learning it.

Rebbe Rebbe


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