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Rebbe Rebbe

years from now, this is what you should say. Intelligent peo- ple do not judge anyone because you just don’t know. No- body knows. If we barely know what we are thinking, how should we know what the other person is thinking?!”

The Rav went on to quote the famous Mishna in Pirkei Avot Do not judge your fellow - ְואַל ָתּ ִדין ֶאת ֲח ֵב ְרךָ ַעד ֶשׁ ַתּ ִגּי ַע ִל ְמקוֹמוֹ :2:4 man until you have reached his place. The Rav led his life by example and embodied this teaching, genuinely under- standing every single Yid and never passing even the slight- est judgement. His empathy and love towards others and was unmatched.

I am forever grateful to Rav Walkin Zt”l as his impact on my life will last more than a lifetime and His legacy will live on forever.

.יהיה זכרו ברוך

Rebbe Rebbe


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