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Rebbe Rebbe

ing he always greeted me and everyone with the brightest smile that can change anyones mood.

I remember days when I was going through difficulties and state of confusion, and Rabbi Walkin was personally there for me, answering my questions and always guiding me with whatever I needed. He was the one that anyone can go to and ask or say anything and not feel that he would judge you. That in my opinion is what’s a true Yid is, he fully andואהבתה בערך beyond his capability fulfilled the Mitzvah of .כמוך

Now that he’s gone I just don’t know...

One thing I know is that he put His entire heart and more for our Bukharian community. It wasn’t his community, and we don’t share the same Minhagim, but he didn’t care, all he cared about was giving the most love, and the success of helping us become a true Ben Torah.

When I was asked to include a personal story with him, there was a Million thoughts flying around my head, all the stories he told us over about his life all the smiles he’s given, and all the love and acceptance as well, and of course can’t go with out mentioning all the Torah he gave us.

The memory, and that day when I saw him for the last time lingered and stood bold in my head.

We used to have our own private debates about why are we still in America, and not in Israel. I would always ask why

Rebbe Rebbe


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