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Rebbe Rebbe

don’t we take a leap forward and jump in the water like tribe Yehuda did before the Splitting of the Yam Suf.

For over a year and half I would ask him this question and he would give me reasons why it’s not the time yet.

Last time I visited the yeshiva, I said in a jokingly but in a serious manner that it’s time to go to Israel. He looked at me with the most serious look that I have ever seen and nodded his head and said yes it may be the time.

I was completely thrown off guard, and I didn’t know that I was going to get that answer, especially with the look he gave me. I can never forget the last time I saw Rabbi Walkin.

If there’s one thing I can say is that we should all try to em- ulate Rabbi Walkin and his love for another Jew no matter what, to push boundaries for the love of a Jew, for the sake of the Torah, and for HaShem

Rebbe Rebbe


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