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Rebbe Rebbe

value of avoiding machlokes at all costs.

I once watched a per-
son walk into the
Yeshiva, complaining
to a few of the Kollel
members and eventu-
ally made his way to
the back where Rebbi
was learning. I looked up to see how Rebbi would handle the situation and was amazed at how quickly and gracefully he calmed the man down. What began as an accusation and harsh tone ended with an appreciative thank you and a peaceful conclusion. He had a way about him.

When he gave musar it was never in a manner where he was looking down at those he was speaking to. His method was very subtle but the point was driven home.
Rebbi would constantly remind us to just learn and be hap- py. Never to be involved in politics!

Rebbi was always able to joke and laugh with his talmidim. He connected so deeply to those around him that he would even cry with them. This same Rebbi was up late nights preparing shiurim and doing his own learning. I never real- ized he was up so late and was pushing so hard. Not leshem kavod rather leshem shamayim.

Rebbe Rebbe


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