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Rebbe Rebbe

I have heard the name Rabbi Walkin many times before I learned under him. I knew that in Queens many of the Ra- banim I knew learned by him. Many would tell me very in- teresting things in his name that made me wonder who he really was. But at the time Rav Walkin was in Lakewood and the possibility of me ever getting to know him was very far. It seemed that the era of Rav Walkin in Queens was be- hind me.

That all changed when I heard Rav Walkin was going to be head- ing a Kollel under the current Yeshiva that was functioning.

I quickly signed up and didn’t regret it for a day.

When I got to know him I realized this was the most intelli- gent man I’ve ever met. I was able to have a conversation on any topic.

I would sit there mesmerized and switching the topic from one conversation to another. I knew I had finally found a Rebbi. I was able to bring up the most taboo topic and can have a healthy discussion about it. He had vast knowledge on any topic.

Rebbe Rebbe


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