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Rebbe Rebbe

When the idea came up to get Rebbi’s Shiurim to be typed up some talmidim were asked to write it up. When Rebbi saw that it wasn’t up to his speed, he decided to do it himself.

He quickly learned how to type. I was shocked to see how someone who has never typed before, is typing a few articles a week. Eventually some generous sponsor got Rebbi a personal laptop so he can start to type his shi- urim.

He would type Kollel level shiurim at about 3-4 in the morn- ing. Sometimes the Mareh Makom was off by Seif or so, Rebbi would apologize saying that he typed it all up by memory at 3-4AM.

It was really hard to believe that so many sources can be quoted and typed up from memory.

Rebbi accomplished more in his lifetime than anyone else older than him.
He barely slept. He didn’t have a bed in the apartment. He slept on a recliner sofa. When I asked him why, he replied that its easier to get back to learning in that position then if he would be laying in bed. I understood that he never offi-

Rebbe Rebbe


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