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Rebbe Rebbe

Anyone that used to pass by Rebbi’s table could but help to stop by and listen in to the discussion. It was alway fresh, exciting and something you never heard before. Something that was very unique to our yeshiva.

Rebbi gave us a glimpse to what a true European and litvish Rav was. Being around him one felt what the rabbanim of the yesteryear were like. He was not from this generation. Rebbi made himself ‘batel’ to the previous dor, and his Rebbeim, and even though he lived in our generation, the Derech hapsak, simplicity, being straight forward, was not from this generation. He was a true link in the mesorah.

Rebbi hated when people had agendas in learning and psak. He taught and preached to never have agendas and shitot. He would love an appreciate when someone spoke the Emet, and to Rebbi Torah always had to be emet.

Even though Rebbi was very loving and emotional, it did not effect his way of psak and limed haTorah. He was like a lion when it came to learning and would fight until the end to prove his point.

An intersting dichotomy.
There can be volumes written on Rebbi, and they should be written.
Rebbi will surely be missed.

Rebbe Rebbe


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