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In פרקי אבות א:יב it says
ֱהֵוי ִמ ַתּ ְל ִמי ָדיו ֶשׁל אַ ֲהרֹן, אוֹ ֵהב ָשׁלוֹם ְורוֹ ֵדף ָשׁלוֹם, אוֹ ֵהב ֶאת ַה ְבִּריּוֹת וּ ְמ ָקְר ָבן , ַל תּ וֹ ָר ה

"be of the students of Ahron, love peace, chase after peace, love the creations, and bring them close to Torah". I heard

once in a shiur a pshat on אֹוהֵב ֶאת הַבְּרִּיֹות. How do you come to fulfill this,
to love people?
Sometimes it is diffi-

cult because they
may have wronged
you or not done
enough good, or
even you don't have
anything to do with
them. So how do
you love all people? The Tosfos Yom Tov (and similarly in the Medrash Shmuel) says that the specific wording used as ,' ְבּ ִריּוֹת' is the key. If you think of them as אוֹ ֵהב ֶאת ַה ְבּ ִריּוֹת creations of Hashem, then you can love them all. If they were created by Hashem and Hashem sees them to be fit- ting enough to be in the world at this second, it means they have a unique purpose in the world, and without them, the world and Hashem's plan is lacking. Therefore, looking at people in that perspective, as ַה ְבּ ִריּוֹת , you learn to not only value every single person, but love every single person, be- cause they all have their unique purpose.

Rebbe Rebbe


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