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Rebbe Rebbe

tounds me to this day. I remember sharing with you an idea I had in learning Masechet Avot where “Reb Yochanan ben Zakai would recount the praises of his disciples.” I called you and told you that that Mishnah reminded me of you and how you always would recall the praises of your stu- dents.

Your response to whenever I asked, “Rebbi, how are you feeling today?” was “Baruch HaShem, wonderful, wonder- ful!!!” with a huge radiant smile on your face. No one could have ever told what pain you were hiding inside.

Despite any challenges you experienced per- sonally, you always treated your students as literally your own children. I still re- member the first time I met you when Yeshi- va Beis Nosson Meir started in September 2016, you shook my hand, pulled me in, and gave me a kiss as I quietly mused “No other Rabbi had ever treated me with such warmth.” I remember the first thing you taught us about how

Rebbe Rebbe


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