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Rebbe Rebbe

learning Torah properly has the ability to make a Jew’s heart happy and about how David Hamelech was able to fight through his suffering and pain by being constantly in- volved in HaShem’s Torah—

I remember how much you would love it when I davened as the Chazzan in the Bet Midrash and how you would always find a new way to compliment me on it.
I still remember coming to you with my questions, thoughts, and sometimes pain, and you always managed to not only

share in my pain (נושא בעול חבירו) as you did with all your students, but miraculously lift my spirits, and encourage me to continue studying Torah.

Together with your family, disciples, and all those whom you influenced positively, I shed and will always shed tears for you my dear Rebbi. On this past Erev Shabbat, I stared at my Sefarim in my apartment, and started crying because I understood that my ability, love, and desire to learn Torah had been greatly implanted within me by you! I loved you as a father and would often call you to see how you’re doing or to wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

One thing I think we may all learn from you was your sensi- tivity towards others. Every time I’d see you for anything, you would always raise my spirits. I loved that about you so much. You truly exemplified the statement of the famous

דעלך סני לחברך לא——Hillel HaZaken in Masechet Shabbat THIS, said Hillel IS the entire Torah, while the“——תעביד

Rebbe Rebbe


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