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Rebbe Rebbe

We can talk about his yedios haTorah

We can talk about his koach Hapsak behalalcha

One most definitely was able to see all there of above maa- los his genius, his yedios haTorah, his koach lehalalcha in his questions and answer shiurm he never prepared never heard the questions in advance like most who do live q&a shurim. On the spot he was able to recall the entire sugya and the halacha and give a clear precise psak. What genius what yedios what koach psak.

Rebbi I think of you... as tears roll down my cheeks!!!! We can talk about your mesirus nefesh for teaching Torah. We can talk about your yiras shamayim.

But most of us have little to no שייכות- no connection to your גדלות and Genius. We have no comprehension let

alone following.

Therefore I believe we should talk about your midos Tovos.... so we can all take simple lesson and apply it to our own lives- to this we can some what have a shaychus

Rav Chaim M’volozhin in his Hakdama to nefesh hachayim quotes his great Rebbi the Gra Zy”a as saying that “man was

only created for one purpose-TO-HELP-ANOTHER!!!!!

Rebbe Rebbe


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