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Rebbe Rebbe

would not be able to put in the necessary dedication. There is so much going on in life and it is easy to become swamped. Hashem grants success to those who muster de- votion, and that devotion is put to the test no matter whom you are or where you come from. After careful analysis, you will see that really, it is all about nurturing a love for the Torah which will guide you past all difficulties. The Gemarah tells us that everyone has difficulties, but the Talmid Chacham, his difficulties stem from toiling in Torah.

ME: So that would be how you categorize your ascent in Torah? You climbed and climbed with unceasing toil and love?

R.A.W: Yes. Even though I came from a lineage of Rabbanim who were all great giants of Jewry, each one of them worked very hard. Everyone has a ladder that he must climb. Devotion and love is the cornerstone of this growth.

ME: It is very reassuring to hear that everyone shares a struggle in the toil for Torah. I must admit that when I was younger I was envious of my friends who came from very well-established and old-European Torah families. I felt that they did not need to work as hard as myself.

R.A.W: Every Jew has a special Neshama, a soul which thirsts for Torah. This inner love is ready to spark devotion if only it were cultivated properly. There is a beautiful psalm which describes how the soul longs to be in the shade

Rebbe Rebbe


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