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Rebbe Rebbe

R.A.W: An important point to make is that the happiness felt by the heart of a Torah scholar outweighs the normal satisfaction of gratified curiosity. The level of happiness and content for a Torah scholar is actually the key to our na- tion’s survival throughout our difficult history. Most nations that would go through a similar ordeal would not survive and thrive. There is something deep in the Jewish Neshama which needs to connect with the Torah, a true and deep love for G-d’s Connection. We are here to tell the person, “listen to your Neshama, and just listen to what your soul pines for”. The Yeshiva helps the student by taking away the clut- ter of the world. There is also a lot of spiritual sound out there which needs be heard beyond the nonsense.

I want to take this opportunity to thank certain people who are working day and night to allow this spirituality to pene- trate the community. Hashem sent the Bukharian communi- ty two angels. He sent Rav Ilan Meirov, a Talmid Chaham with great leadership qualities. He has true mesirut nefesh in his learning and teaching. He also sent his brother Yaniv Meirov, a man with the biggest heart I ever saw. I also feel that I am going on the coattails of Rabbi Haimov, who start- ed the movement of Yeshivos for Bukharians. He put in so much effort, both physically and monetarily for the commu- nity; he was the Rosh and Rishon. He is a role model for me and everyone. He was the one who started me out in the community, gave me students here to teach. More boys came, and more students were produced. These are the people who I owe a lot to.

Rebbe Rebbe


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