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Rebbe Rebbe

Executive Director Reb Yaniv Meirov have expended so much effort into making our yeshiva what it is today. Our Yeshiva also would not exist without the kindness, generosi- ty, and vision of Reb Noach Duetch from Australia, who founded the Yeshiva upon the behest and charge of the mashgiach, Rov Nosson zt”l. We in the Yeshiva and the en- tire “Olam HaTorah” owe Reb Noach Duetch a lot.

BJL: What is your yeshiva background and how has it shaped your plans for the Beis Medrash Gedolah of Queens?

Rav Walkin: I attended the Yeshivas of Staten Island, Long Beach, Torah Temima, the Mir Yeshiva of Yerushalayim, and also Lakewood Beit Medrash Govoha.
“On paper,” we are not a Lakewood yeshiva. But you need to understand that, in our roots, we “stem” from Lakewood Yeshiva. The “Olam HaTorah” is all one family; Lakewood Yeshiva is the father and we, who emulate its ideals, are the child. I personally consider Lakewood Yeshiva to be “my home.” My heart is in the Yeshiva and with all the Roshei Yeshiva; my days there were amongst the best of my life... I hold every aspect of the Yeshiva in the highest esteem and I am extremely privileged to be close to all four of the Roshei Yeshiva.

BJL: Can you point to specific factors of Lakewood Yeshiva that continue to influence your teaching meth- ods?

Rebbe Rebbe


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