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Rebbe Rebbe

“He knew how to do Hachnosas Orchim the right way. You don't just bring the guest into your home... but more impor- tantly, into your heart... In the heart you will always find room...especially if the heart is big, and your Zeidi had the biggest heart”.

HaRav Ahron Walkin: My grandfather HaRav Shmuel Dovid was a giant, a tremendous role model in Ahavas Yis- rael and Ahavas Chesed. At his levaya he was titled ‘Ha- Gaon B’Chesed’. The following stories highlight his exem- plary Ben Adam le chavero and his sensitivity to others and their needs.

HaRav Shmuel Dovid Walkin was once invited to a Shabbos convention as one of three guest speakers. The set up was twenty minutes a speech, with HaRav Walkin set to close the night. As things go, the first speaker spoke half an hour and the second spoke 40 minutes. With ten minutes already overtime, my grandfather had reservations about overbur- dening the tzibur. As the director of the convention moved to introduce him, HaRav Shmuel respectfully asked to forgo the privilege.

“The hour is late, the people are tired, and it’s shabbos,” he said. The director wouldn’t hear it and instead insisted, “Please say something short and on point, that the people will enjoy!” My grandfather agreed and stood up and faced the crowd, “it’s late, I want to wish you good shabbos and a good night. He then turned to the director and said “nu, it

Rebbe Rebbe


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