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Rebbe Rebbe

question he would never answer me right away, he would always say, “let me think about it,” or “call me tomorrow.” I realized that he did this because he made a cheshbon on every word that came out of his mouth. I’m sure that he knew the answer to my question but wanted to give it im- portance and see all sides of the question so he can answer correctly.

Rebbi always made sure that he showed importance to your question. That is what really stayed with me and will always stay with me.

Sometimes I would see Rebbi not wearing his ‘frock’ when he was outside the yeshiva. I asked Rebbi once as to why he wasn’t makpid on this. The answer he gave me taught me a lesson for life.

He answered me that many times people that don’t have much going on inside, have a need to show it on the out-

side. Rebbi knew his stature, and said “I do not need this. I

know how to learn and who I am, and I don’t feel the need to show myself by walking with a Rabbinical coat to show that I am someone special.” I understood that even such a small act, he was trying to teach his talmidim that were go- ing to be future rabanim a great lesson.

Rav Walkin was a sandak for one of my kids. The night be- fore he didn’t sleep and learned the entire night, and went to the mikva. When he came to the Shul to be sandak he looked and resembled an Angel, completely pure, crying the entire time. The people in attendance were so emotionally

Rebbe Rebbe


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