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Rebbe Rebbe

size to learn the פשט of psukim, mishnayot and gemarot. He would make us ask “why is it written this way”?

I used to record all his Shiurim and sit to his right. With love of Torah he used to tap on my back to wake me up if I ever dosed off.

Since Rebbe wanted to instill within us a love of ספרים he used to take the talmidim to book stores. We even went with Rebbi to Yeshiva University for their annual seforim

sale. Not only that, but Rebbi even gifted us ספרים that his grandfather wrote (Beis Ahron) and father wrote. On top of

all that, Rebbi would even gift us his own ספרים if he would have any extra.

Many times he took us to meet many תלמידי חכמים and Gedolim to show us what greatness was like.

I also remember the time
where we, the students,
didn't have a ride to
Yeshiva. This obstacle
didn't stop Rebbe from
teaching us. Even though
he used to live in Brook-
lyn, he made a stop at
his father’s shul to get his
students and bring us to Main Street, to our Yeshiva.

Rebbe Rebbe


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