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Rebbe Rebbe

The purpose of the booklet is to continue the legacy of our dear Rebbi- to show hakarat hatov. Rebbi used to show and illustrate by example by making personal phone calls to donors of the lunch to the yeshivah and thank them and tell them how delicious the food was.

Rebbi gave his whole life for his talmidim and the Bukhari- an community. Rebbi built the Bucharian bnei Torah com- munity in Queens. This is just a ‘drop in the ocean’ of who and what Rabbis was.

We want to thank all the talmidim that contributed and took time to write something in memory of Rebbi. We did not get a chance to contact all the talmidim and there is much more that needs to be said.

If you have any story, vignette, or any chidushim by Rabbi Walkin please don’t hesitate to contact his talmidim or fami- ly members.

My wife remarked after reading all these articles: how would his wife let me spend time in queens all this time. To have such a person who radiated positivity and kindness, its hard to believe a wife would give that up for the benefit of others. Naturally one would want that to oneself.

Much Hakarat Hatov and appreciation is due to the Rebet- zin for allowing Rebbi to spend his time in Queens. Queens

Rebbe Rebbe


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